Kaizen at Kaas Tailored

On October 8th, a group of King County Metro Transit employees (and a few others from KC) took the Waste Tour at Kaas Tailored/Design on Stock to see Lean in action. Jeff Kaas, company president, discussed the seven wastes with the group. Kaas workers showed and explained some of their kaizen (improvements); each employee comes up with at least one per month.

But a description of the tour doesn’t do it justice. Here are two quotes overheard on the tour that might give a better flavor of what it feels like on the shop floor of Kaas Tailored.

My whole reason is to make my job better. Anything that annoys me, that’s where I start my kaizen.

I’m sick of making these same mistakes. Let’s make new mistakes.

The ethos of the place is that improvement will relieve burden (“muri“)—on ourselves, on our colleagues, on our loved ones, on our community. Take the tour, if you can.


King County Metro Transit Superintendent Deb Stenoien takes a spin in what we began calling the “trust chair.” Very cool design; it felt very much like you were going to fall out, but you wouldn’t. (Like the “just full enough” soda can.) And surprisingly comfortable. Check out other cool stuff they make.

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