Lean 101 for King County Employees

On February 19th, the Continuous Improvement Team held an Introduction to Lean class for King County employees.

The class covered fundamental Lean concepts such as PDCA, the Seven Wastes, the benefits of Standard Work, and Problem-Solving Thinking, as well as an overview history of Lean. Participants also engaged in a Lego exercise that reinforced the process improvement learning.

Twenty-five county employees took the inaugural class. One participant, Stephanie Vitali, had another vital Lean insight, in her words, “the importance of getting up and going to see the work taking place.”

Lean 101


The “homework”: go apply Lean thinking to a process in your work. Remember: it is easier to act yourself into a new way of thinking than to think yourself into a new way of acting.

The class will become a regular offering through the Human Resources Division. Currently, classes are scheduled for March 26, April 21, May 28, July 6, and November 12. Some of these have already filled up and we are adding more classes to meet the demand. Check that HRD link to see updates or to register.

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