Cutting Nine Steps to Two – Saving Time in Pre-Employment Physicals

Until recently, King County had a long and complicated process for getting physical exams for people hired into physically demanding or safety-sensitive jobs.

Rob Stafford, Safety & Health Program Manager with Human Resources, saw the pain that convoluted process caused customers (and felt it himself), so he did something about it.

Here’s Stafford describing the problem and his improvement in less than 90 seconds (at least he has a sense of humor about what must have been a frustrating situation):

The new process has reduced the average turnaround times by three days. The old process took more than a week.

And Rob has saved himself an hour or two a day that he can now devote to solving other problems.


Stafford is now working to further automate this process. This new approach (the “Sharepoint process” below) will have only two manual steps. Stafford anticipates launching this new process soon. Then he will train his Human Resources teammates on the new process.

The “way we’d always done it,” on the left in the diagram below, involved lots of wasteful manual steps and much rework. The process made King County’s Rob Stafford into a middleman between prospective new employees and local health providers in order to schedule a physical exam.

The new automated process that will soon be in place cuts out the middleman, saves time, and eliminates headaches for Rob, his Human Resources colleagues, and the prospective new hires.

From nine steps to two steps


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