King County featured as a cutting edge Lean leader, beside Virginia Mason and Spotify

The online magazine Monday* has published a piece on cutting edge Lean non-profit, private sector, and public sector organizations. King County’s Lean approach for its Familiar Faces effort is featured as the public sector example.


As the Monday* piece notes, the county’s Familiar Faces project is “using Lean management tools to reimagine how to provide the right services—much sooner in the process—to people who suffer from mental disorders or chemical dependency and keep landing in jail.”

In order to improve health and social outcomes for these individuals by delivering better and more coordinated care, the county is bringing together an unprecedented cross-sector group of City, County and State levels of government across both health human services and criminal justice (police, jails, courts) as well as community-based agencies that come from many disciplines including primary care, behavioral health (mental health and substance use treatment providers), outreach, housing and many Managed Care Organizations who provide the Medicaid coverage for most of the Familiar Faces.

If successful, this effort has the potential to deliver services to these individuals in a more timely and continuous fashion, improving overall health and well-being, reducing criminal justice involvement, and providing better care at a considerably lower expense.

*As in, “What will you do differently on Monday?” Monday* is a publication of the Drucker Institute.

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