Five Lean Insights from Japan

Over at The Lean Post, Katie Anderson shares five insights about Lean that she’s had during a year of living in Japan.

Here’s a snippet of the five (do check out the full post to read more about each):

  1. Lean isn’t inherently Japanese. It’s not easy for the Japanese, just as it isn’t easy in other cultures. Lean really is a blend of Western and Japanese cultures and practices …

  2. It’s human nature to resist change, or at least to feel uncomfortable with it. …

  3. Lean thinking seems to be primarily found in manufacturing organizations in Japan, not services or office environments. My professional background is in healthcare in the U.S. and Australia, and I’ve been deeply involved in leading lean transformation in healthcare organizations for nearly a decade….

  4. The most successful lean thinking companies in Japan have figured out how to engage the capabilities of their employees. This is true “respect for people.”…

  5. Change is possible. Not all companies using lean thinking have practiced as long as Toyota. However, as with anywhere, a few dedicated leaders can have a profound impact…

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