Try it out; the Lean way

If you’ve ever sat in a few meetings to ‘think through’ a new process without much result, you might benefit from something called Try Storming. Our Lean Glossary of Terms states that this method consists of, “Rapid cycles of real-time experimentation, used to test and adjust improvement ideas before establishing standard work or implementing processes broadly.”

In plain language this means – try it out! Try Storming incorporates physical actions that can engage other senses and give testers a better sense of whether an idea is viable or not. Here are some pictures of the Continuous Improvement Team ‘Try Storming’ an idea for space improvements in our bullpen.

Challenge: We need to fit 12 people into a space built for 10. Idea tested: Move our conference space to the east, and group employees in pods where possible.

Tools: Floor plan, tape, tape measure

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Result? Success! In addition to having some laughs, we were able to figure out comfort level and feasibility with the new space assignments, and give definitive input to the project leader so we could move forward to Facilities Management with this work.

-Terra Milles

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