Have you been introduced to Lean?

Our King County Continuous Improvement team offers two basic ‘getting started’ classes for county employees several times a year.

Introduction to Lean gives participants an overview of Lean basics such as PDCA, value vs. waste, standard work, creating steady flow, and building in quality.  It’s an interactive class that includes an exciting Lego exercises to get participants involved in problem solving.  Participants will leave the class with a waste observation tool to go back to their own work area and get some practice identifying waste.

On February 24th, we caught up with a few employees who had taken the class and asked for some feedback.

“An insightful class with relevant real world examples and hands-on exercises. You’ll leave with a clear groundwork for how to apply Lean in your own life and workplace.” -Paul

“The exercises gave time for understanding processes and waste. It was interesting to see how our ideas for improvement did not result in a benefit as much as we anticipated when measured.  I like having a common language to focus on solutions, but making it okay to make mistakes as a means of narrowing down solutions that work.”- Karen

“The class was fun and interactive! Learning that it is best to try one solution at a time to see what works rather than several solutions at once proved to be an effective approach for any team.”-Karla

To sign up for Introduction to Lean  follow the link to the Eventbrite page. Upcoming dates are:

  • 4/14/2016
  • 6/22/2016
  • 8/11/2016
  • 10/13/2016
  • 12/7/2016

-Terra Milles

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