Challenge Current Thinking

Lean helps us see things right under our nose that are not adding any value to our work, and that we might otherwise not have noticed. Once we have eliminated these ‘boulders’ we can free ourselves to be more innovative  (and have more fun!)

Our vision is simple, and does not require years of training in Lean processes to embrace. In King County we hope to inspire every employee to adopt the ‘spirit of improvement’ that is at the core of Lean.

Spirit of Improvement:

  • We all have 2 responsibilities; doing the work & improving the work
  • Challenge current thinking
  • Make decisions based on observed facts and data
  • Go see the work happen to get the facts
  • Use creativity first, not capital
  • We will think of ways to make it possible
  • Seek ideas from many people
  • Be hard on the process and easy on the people
  • Making small improvements is better than waiting for perfection
  • Use a continuous loop of plan, do, check, act.. and repeat
  • Stay focused on the customer


– Terra Milles

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