Meet Our New Lean Transformation Director

A message from our King County Executive:

I am pleased to announce that we have selected Gary Kurihara to lead us on the next phase of our Lean journey as our Lean Transformation Director.

Gary comes to King County with experience across several industries and, most recently, led a Lean transformation of a major corporation with more than 18,000 employees in the United States.

GaryK.A native of Hawaii, Gary and his family are excited to be heading westward again, after spending four years in the Chicago area.  He is deeply committed to the values of King County and is looking forward to driving our continuous improvement culture change through knowledge sharing, vocal advocacy, and visible, hands-on leadership.

As we look ahead to a challenging 2017/18 budget for many funds, our ability to empower employees and embrace Lean thinking in new and innovative ways will be more important than ever as we work to deliver greater value to the people of King County.

I look forward to working with Gary (he starts on April 25th), the Continuous Improvement Team, and all of you in expanding the success of Lean at King County.

-Terra Milles

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