Lean Leaders Are Everywhere

To survive and prosper we must improve. To improve we must change. To change we need (Lean) leaders to nurture empowerment and innovation.

On Tuesday the Continuous Improvement Team hosted a Lean Leader Training celebration to showcase the work of our newest Lean leader graduates. This Lean leader cohort was taught by Lori Heniff and Vicki Oyadomari, with coaching from both Lori Heniff and Jeremy Valenta. Each Lean leader received a certificate and congratulations from Rhonda Berry, Deputy Executive for Operations, and shared the results of their Lean projects:

  • Debra Baker, Educator Consultant, HRD – Streamlining the process for bringing on new divisional employees from decision to hire through start of work
  • Jeff Casem, Disability Services Manager, HR – Standardizing HR process for approving and tracking disability services leave without pay
  • Kate Davis, Sr. Business & Management Analyst, PSB – Improving process for updating rates for internal service funds
  • Jerry DeGrieck, Deputy Division Director, Public Health – Improving Northshore Public Health Center’s performance in achieving visit targets
  • Paula Ding, Sr. Performance & Strategy Analyst, PSB – Reducing cost and improve timeliness of performance data reporting
  • Julie Griffin, Project/Program Manager IV, Roads – Improving quality and timeliness of maps for catch basin inspections
  • Larry Jaramillo, Supervising Engineer, Roads – Improving quality of information for bridge inspection work orders
  • Jennifer Knauer, Program Manager, Roads –  Improving timeliness of job injury reporting
  • Emmy McConnell, Executive Analyst, PSB – Improving PSB’s financial monitoring process
  • Laura Merritt, Manager, HRD – Improving HR process for returning staff on worker’s comp to duty
  • Maureen Peterson, CHS Finance Manager, Public Health – Decreasing errors in travel request process
  • Brandy Rettig, Sr. Business Analyst – Improving quality and timeliness of customer service email responses
  • Karen Russell, Area Manager, Public Health – Decreasing the length of Auburn clinic MSS patient wait times
  • Elly Slakie, Budget Analyst, PSB – Improving PSB budget team project board and related processes
  • Seth Watson, Service Delivery Manager, HRD – Streamlining the process for bringing on new divisional employees from decision to hire through start of work
  • David Weirich, Captain, DAJD – Reducing inmate property loss

Thank you to our new Lean Leaders for your outstanding commitment to building a culture of continuous improvement in King County. Your leadership in self-development, problem-solving, and Lean thinking support our mission to deliver better services, improve operations, and use fewer resources.

– Terra Milles

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