What’s your story?

In Lean, in our quest for continuous improvement, we observe, we measure, we plan [do, check, act], and we listen. When we listen, we hear stories.. all sorts of stories full of frustration, triumph, and of challenge. In many cases these powerful stories can spur us to greater action because we can relate, or we empathize.

As we continue in our quest for data, targets, and measures – remember to take time for the stories, because your story (personal, or borrowed) can help create lasting change.

King County recently hosted an all-day event; Expanding the Narrative: Personal Stories of Government and Public Service. Some small takeaways on storytelling include this advice:

  • If you tell a good story, it gains a life of its own
  • Our brains are wired for stories, not long emails or a 27 point presentation
  • Facts are easier to remember if they are embedded in a story
  • Stories help people find passion for their work
  • Stories challenge our assumptions instead of our conclusions
  • Use visual language in storytelling for maximum impact

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