Will the juice be worth the squeeze?

This is the question we ask ourselves and our partners before investing in a Lean improvement project – to make sure the work we commit to today is solving the right problem that will benefit us in the future.
To get a better understanding of the process, Lean specialists accompany people doing the work to get a full picture of their experience.
On Wednesday, Lean Specialist Angela Toussaint joined Liana Criscuolo, Environmental Health Services Inspector, on Vashon Island for several septic system permit inspections. “Getting out into the field and really understanding the process helps set the stage, so when we get back to the office and start drilling into the details, we have more information to help us recommend the best approach to process improvement,” said Angela.
Inspectors in Environmental Health go on-site about 5,000 times a year to inspect and approve on-site sewer permits for new construction, remodels and repairs. The post-recession construction boom has stretched their capacity to serve their customers, and the team there is looking for ways to provide better service without overworking their staff.
“This is one area where I’m glad we’re only going a mile wide and an inch deep,” joked Angela. “We can help facilitate ideas to create positive change – and leave the sewage to the experts’.


– Terra Milles

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