Sweet success: celebrating 31 line of business plans

Although we didn’t have 31-flavors, this week staff from a variety of King County departments gathered for a festive ice cream social to celebrate our mutual success with Line of Business Planning (LoB ).

Line of business planning is the process of identifying significant problems that will affect a line of business 10 years into the future, and developing a two-year work plan to begin responding to problems. It includes several specific components:

  • Strategic context: understanding the operating environment
  • Cost model & capacity forecasts: developing a cost model at the product family level and forecasting demand, revenue, and capacity
  • Problem identification: identifying significant problems that will affect the line of business and ascertaining root causes
  • Alternatives analysis: analyzing a range of potential solutions
  • Line of Business plan: written documentation of the planning process and recommendations
  • Metrics and tier board: development of metrics for the line of business and tracking implementation of recommendations

Not too long ago, Line of Business planning was just an idea – but because of all of the hard work by people in the departments, we have 31 King County lines of business that have completed their first Line of Business plan. And four of those groups are on their 2nd, 3rd or 4th plan-do-check-adjust cycle.

We celebrate the hard work and dedication to continuous improvement, creative collaboration, and the spirit of trying something new.  As a result of this work, the Executive Leadership Team better understands what we do, and significant problems that affect our work.  We’re using the cost data, forecasting, and analysis that was done in LoB planning to make more informed decisions.

Just as department staff are moving forward in the plan-do-check-adjust cycle to measure and monitor the line of business and implementation of the recommendations that came out of planning processes, the LoB team in Performance, Strategy & Budget is checking and adjusting the process over all so that we can improve this process for everyone.

Thank you for your part in helping King County to build the best-run government!

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-Terra Milles

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