Influential Individuals: Developing Lean leaders to transform our organization

Lean leaders aren’t always in a position of authority – but they are in a position to influence (as we all are to one degree or another). Regardless of their formal role, Lean leaders are trained to nurture continuous improvement through facilitation and coaching, which can positively impact and promote culture change.

Employees trained in Lean leadership have learned the comprehensive elements of Lean and the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle. Lean leaders can guide teams through improvement processes and teach them to use Lean tools to build the capability and capacity in agencies and promote a problem-solving culture.

On Wednesday the Continuous Improvement Team hosted a Lean Leader Training celebration to showcase the projects of two groups of new Lean leader graduates. One Lean Leader cohort was taught by Vicki Oyadomari and Maggie Chumbley, with coaching from Vicki. The other group was taught by Lori Heniff and Jeremy Valenta, with coaching from Lori, Martine Kaiser, Ben Pritchard, and Angela Toussaint.

  • Tina Abbott, HR Service Delivery Manager, DES – Improving Public Health HR New Staff Systems Access
  • Shawn Abernethy, HR Service Delivery Manager, DES – Improving the disciplinary process
  • Van Badzik, Senior Strategy and Performance Analyst, PSB – Improving PS team file organization
  • John Bennett, Dental Program Manager, Public Health – Improving timeliness of North Dental Clinic’s adult visits
  • Ian Coleman, Interim HR Service Delivery Manager, Public Health – Improving the grievance intake process
  • Art Cowan, HR Service Delivery Manager, DPH – Decreasing the time to complete forms for the Public Health Regular Merit Process
  • Karen Cramer, Project Manager, HR – Improving logistics of eLearning
  • Diana Eberly-Shepard, Senior HR Analyst, WTD – Improving process to get PeopleSoft ID number for new employees
  • Alex Golan, Employee and Labor Relations Program Manager, DPH – Reducing lead time in department steps of grievance process
  • Sarah Hopkins, Regional Health Administrator, Public Health – Improving the call answer rate at Connect to Care call center
  • Lisa Hymes-Davis, Juvenile Detention Supervisor, DAJD – Improving quality of behavior planning programs for juvenile detention
  • Michael Jacobson, Deputy Director of Performance & Strategy, PSB – Standardizing Special Project Assignment process
  • Maria Laird, Operations Support Manager, Public Health – Improving the call answer rate at Connect to Care call center
  • Don Moritz, HR Service Delivery Manager, DPER – Onboarding new employees
  • Kate Neville, Health Services Improvement Manager, Public Health – Seasonal food permits, transition from reactive to proactive
  • Theresa Reynolds, HR Analyst, DPER – Onboarding new employees
  • Jackie Smith, Project Manager, DAJD – Reducing inmate property loss
  • Katie Suvlu, Enterprise Tools & Web Service Manager, KCIT – PCI Compliance Mediation
  • Terri Tewey, Business Finance Officer, DAJD – Improving completion rate for daily shift cash reports
  • Chris Ynzunza, HR Service Delivery Manager, KCIT – Improving ERMS filing process

Thank you to our new Lean Leaders for your outstanding commitment to building a culture of continuous improvement in King County. Your leadership in self-development, problem-solving, and Lean thinking support our mission to deliver better services, improve operations, and use fewer resources.

-Terra Milles

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